• "Florence"

    Introducing the fabulous vintage beautility cabinet. Made by famous British makers, it has been given a new lease of life with an art deco makeover. This drinks cabinet dates from around 1960s.

    It provides plenty of storage for glassware, bottles and cocktail accoutrements. The drinks cabinet owns two large drawers and two large cupboards with removable shelves in the middle. The doors open to reveal a mirrored mini bar with motion USB chargeable censored lights.

    It’s been uniquely hand painted using high quality paints and finishes to provide it with the upmost protection to daily use. It owns its original handles which have been elegantly placed on top of a dark blue art deco stencil pattern on the front.

    This beautility cabinet would look wonderful in an art deco/ vintage living room, if you’re looking for something truly unique, then this is for you.

    "Florence" Vintage Beautility Cocktail Cabinet

    • fusion mineral paint
    • osmo oil
    • mirror and glass panel
    • geometric wallpaper
    • original hardwear
    • montion usb strip light