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  • This beauty is called "Clementine". This stunning drinks cabinet is perfect for anybody who wants to add a pop of colour to their interior. 
    Everything you see has been hand painted. "Clementine" has been given 3 different wood stains to give this seamless geometrical shape which helps tie in all the crazy, fun interior that she has. The mirrors are original and we managed to preserve the stunning gold drawings that this piece already came with.
     It has spacious lockable cupboard doors for any size bottle or glass that the owner would have. The light on the inside is also original just rewired that gives off a warm orange tone.

    "Clementine" Drinks Cabinet

    • 3 Different Wood Stains
    • Fusion Mineral Paint - Ash, Park Bench and Fleur- pumpkin soup
    • Glass,painyed mirrors
    • Wood Veneer
    • Osmo Oil
    • Gold paint
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